The Art & Science of Content Marketing

Here is a great infographic for Content Marketing by webmag. It illustrates how Content Marketing is both an art and a science, both of which is needed for a content marketing strategy that will prove most effective, minimizing time and money spent. … [Read more] Vancouver

This was fun project to work on with Cindy, an art consultant in Vancouver. She's been in the business many years and has a real eye for what looks good. So, getting the look of her site was important. The site is built with WordPress on the … [Read more]

A Company Intranet

This was a company intranet built on WordPress. The intranet is used within the company only and has membership software integrated with an intranet software that allows for many customizations, from showing birthdays and adding polls, to each member … [Read more]

How to Troubleshoot Google Authorship Issues

Here is an infographic to help walk you through the steps of troubleshooting your Google Authorship, the way google views you and your contributed content as the original author. When Google views your content as belonging to you, it gives it … [Read more]

A Holiday ‘Website Ready’ Checklist

Make Sure Your Website is Ready for the Holidays With This Checklist You've been looking ahead all year for this season when shoppers are out looking for the perfect gift and they have their hands on their wallets. Well, with their broadband at the … [Read more]

Holiday Email Campaigns

Tips to Prepare your Holiday Marketing Email Campaigns for Optimal Success The holiday buying season is big for most retail businesses and gearing up for the holiday promotions is high on the list. When preparing your holiday email campaigns, do you … [Read more]